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SKN Treatments

The 50 Minute Glow Rituals

50 Minutes customized to you!

Indulge in 50 minutes of pure skin love with our customized treatment that caters to your individual needs and concerns. Our expert team will provide a thorough skin consultation to determine the most effective treatments for you. Enjoy a double cleanse and exfoliation, followed by targeted face masks, serums, and moisturizers that will leave your skin feeling amazing. You'll also receive a soothing neck and face massage, along with other cool stuff like massage stones, skin scrubbers, and extraction tools to ensure you leave looking like a boss. This treatment is perfect for monthly skin maintenance. Book your appointment today!

The Rituals

Visit the fountain of youth with a rejuvenating facial treatment customized to treat and control: fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, uneven texture, and laxity. A treatment will be tailored to your specific skin condition and may include: Enzyme peels, therapeutic masks, customized treatment serum, retinoid enhancements or other advanced anti-aging solutions that best address the unique needs of your skin. 

A detoxifying treatment designed to refresh and revitalize your skin. This invigorating session includes a thorough double cleanse followed by ozone steam to open pores, facilitating targeted extractions. We enhance the detoxification process with the application of SkinScript Blueberry Enzyme, harnessing its purifying properties to exfoliate and renew your skin. Complete the experience with an ultrasonic skin scrubber, leaving your complexion clearer and smoother. 

A rejuvenating treatment crafted to replenish and revitalize your skin. Begin with calming aromatherapy breathwork for relaxation. Following a thorough double cleanse, our SkinScript Coconut Enzyme gently exfoliates and infuses nourishing ingredients. Tailored hydrating serums and luxurious masks lock in moisture, revealing a radiant complexion. * Pair with a nano infusion therapy for an added boost of hydration

A luxurious facial treatment tailored to combat hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and sun damage. Our expert estheticians will double cleanse, apply targeted enzyme masks, nourishing serums, and a relaxing face and neck massage to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 
* Pair with Green LED for an enhanced brightening effect! 

Skincare Model

Short on time?
Make it an Express Facial 

Get a quick and refreshing treatment from our expert estheticians and leave with glowing skin. 

Having Fun

Get ready to say goodbye pesky pimples and hello to clear, glowing skin with our amazing cleansing purifying facial! Designed specifically for teenagers under the age of 17, our facial is the perfect solution for those struggling with blemishes and mild acne. Not only does it help to clear up current breakouts, but it also works to prevent future ones. Try it out today and get ready to show off your flawless complexion!

50min $80

Teen Facial

Facial Oil

Nano Infusion Skin Treatment

Our clinic offers a highly effective treatment called Nano Infusion. This treatment provides the same results as micro-needling without any pain, needles, or downtime!


 By using tiny stamps to deeply penetrate serum into the next layer of skin, this treatment can help heal and hydrate your skin on a cellular level. It's ideal for reducing fine lines, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, scarring, enlarged pores, and sun damage. Additionally, during the treatment, targeted serums are infused into the skin such as brightening, hydrating, or growth factors to choose from. This enhances the treatment and helps to achieve even better results. If you're looking for a professional and effective treatment, our Nano Infusion treatment is the perfect choice.


Face Beauty Treatment

"Everything Has Beauty In it, But Not Everybody Sees It"

A non-invasive treatment that uses exfoliating crystals to finely resurface the outermost layer of your skin. Improve the appearance of acne scarring, age spots, fine lines and other skin irregularities.
Includes double cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage, customized mask, serums, moisturizers, SPF.


Microdermabrasion paired with one of our fruit acid peels. This powerhouse duo improves overall skin texture and tone, targeting your skins specific needs. Ending with targeted masks, LED light therapy, serums and moisturizer. Great for Aging, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles.   *Recommended in a series of six treatments for best results.



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