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Hybrid Lashes

Lash Styles/ Price List

*Each full set of eyelash extensions includes a complementary after care kit, specially curated to maintain the longevity and health of your lashes. Your aftercare kit features lash shampoo, a lash brush, and detailed aftercare instructions. Additionally, a complementary hydrogelly lip mask is applied during your service to elevate your pampering experience.


Classic Lashes: $145
1 lash to 1 natural lash+ if you have thick, dense, long natural lashes – and want a voluminous look. + if you like a more natural look + don’t want it to appear like strip lashes

Hybrid Lashes: $160
When classic lashes meet volume lashes. We combine both techniques to give a darker and fluffier set with a high density lash line. Hybrid lashes look super–full while still feeling soft and natural


Volume Lashes $170
Multiple lash extensions are applied onto a single natural lash creating volume that is luxuriously soft, light and fluffy.

Angel Lashes: $160

lash extensions that achieve a classic effect using .03mm lashes. Because the set uses much thinner lashes than a normal classic or hybrid set, the client is left with a weightless and wispy look that can be customize to look as dramatic or natural as desired

Add-On Brown Lashes $25 
Emphasize your eyes in a more natural-looking way than black lash extensions, while at the same time gaining the full volume and length that lash extensions provide.


Angel Lashes
Whispy Lashes

Eyelash Extensions

Hybrid Lashes

At SKN Beauty Den we are dedicated to  offering our clients premium and professional eyelash extensions. All of our Lash Artists are extensively trained and licensed by the state of new Jersey. We choose product brands that are the most reputable in the industry and of best quality. Not all lashes are created equal in the industry and when it comes to synthetic extensions, quality matters.

During your appointment, please let your lash technician know which lash style you prefer. We can customize your lash style to help you achieve your desired look including a natural eye, cat eye, or doll eye. For volume lashes we also offer a wispy volume, eyeliner effect, or mega volume.

How long does it take?:

We apply our extensions one by one to your natural eyelashs for the most beautiful results, and the process takes about 90 mins or more to complete on your first visit. So come ready to relax.


How long do they last?

Properly applied, an eyelash extension will stay bonded to your natural lashes until the end of its normal growth cycle. However, like your scalp hair, every natural lashes have different growth and shedding cycle and they continuously fall out and grow back. Because of the irregularity of this growth cycle, most of our customers come in for a refill every 2-3 weeks replenish the fallen lashes and maintain the look.

Do extensions cause damage to my natural eyelashes?

When applied correctly, eyelash extensions do not damage your natural lashes. Our certified lash artists will apply the weight- and length- appropriate lash extensions to ensure the integrity of your natural lashes. Eyelash extensions can be damaging if your lash artist does not use the proper techniques. Heavier lashes or clustered lashes (aka pre-made fans) may require a larger amount of adhesive and this can cause your natural lash to break. When selecting your lash artist, ask what application techniques they use and that they have proper training and are certified. This will assist you in maintaining healthy and natural looking lashes that will be a work of art.


Before Eyelash Extensions:

Remove all make-up and oils from eye area and eyelashes, including eyeliner, eye shadow, eye creams, eye serums and foundation for longer lasting lashes.



It usually takes 24 hours for the adhesive to dry thoroughly and yield a strong bond.  During this time, the adhesive bond is vulnerable to moisture, steam and excessive heat. 


Clients should be careful with following activities:


Friction from rubbing, styling, and playing with the lashes.

Excessively rubbing your eyes.

Use of oil-based eye care products on or near your lashes, such as eye creams.


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