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The Lite Restore Four Kit

Designed to bring deep change to aging skin. With lightweight,

hydrating ingredients, this kit rejuvenates and revitalizes.

This kit is ideal for normal to oily skin types. For dry skin, we

recommend the Creamy Restore Four Kit.

This kit includes:

1 oz Ageless Hydrating Serum: A hyaluronic acid serum for all skin

types. It restores moisture to maintain skin barrier function

Improves hydration, lessens the appearance of wrinkles, improves

the health of cell membranes, and plumps the skin. This

sophisticated serum also contains the peptides Matrixyl Synthe' 6TM

DN-AGE, and Lipomoist. It's made for all skin types, especially

dehydrated, dry, acneic, and milia-prone skin

1 oz Vitamin C Green Tea Serum: Anti-aging serum built to restore

and revitalize the skin with antioxidants and peptides which protect

against free radical damage, lessen the appearance of wrinkles

brighten and tone the tissue, and encourage fibroblast activity.

1 oz Retinaldehyde Serum with IconicAO : Otherwise known as our

"Liquid Gold" is for all skin types in need of rejuvenation. This

ultimate anti-aging serum contains Vitamins A (retinaldehyde) and

B3 (niacinamide) to be used in the evening for cell repair and

health. it will brighten and tone the skin

0.5 oz Peptide Eye Serum: Peptides and green tea reduce

inflammation under the eye and treat and correct dark circles

The Lite Restore Four Kit

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