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easy-to-use lip treatment will help lock in moisture while

peppermint cools and stimulates the lips. Shea butter is soothing and

supports the delicate tissue of the lips by slowing trans-epidermal water

loss. The mild mint flavor comes from peppermint oil. The slant tip

applicator makes the application a breeze!


Shea Butter is ideal for dry and aging skin. Its unique fatty acid helps moisturize and retain the elasticity of the skin. It also helps protect the skin against the damaging effects of the sun (provides enhanced UV-B protection) while repairing cellular degeneration

Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Wax is used in personal care products to help thicken

formulations and improve stability, while also helping to retain moisture. Its emulsifying properties can

assist with the mixing of water and oil ingredients, for improved evenness in products

Squalane is a major component of human skin surface lipids (or oils). It helps keep skin soft and healthy,

and its antioxidant capabilities help protect it from the harsh effects of the environment. It facilitates the

permeation of the active ingredients and prevents the loss of water from the skin, improving skin

appearance and health.

Lactobacillus exhibits a mutualistic relationship with the human body, as it protects the host against

potential invasions by pathogens, and in turn, the host provides a source of nutrients

Peppermint Oil is cooling and stimulating to the lips

Mint Lip Hydrator

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